Kristen R.

What Sets Me Apart

When you work with me on a shoot, you can expect an exceptional experience. My easygoing nature and sense of humor helps to make every session enjoyable for all involved. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my skills behind the camera, and regularly take educational courses to advance myself. Creating the best outcome possible for my clients is always my top priority. Photography is so much more than just a job to me; it’s my passion, and I wholeheartedly love what I do.

My Story

I’ve lived in the state of New York my entire life. I was born and raised in downstate, but moved upstate when I turned thirteen. Horses didn’t enter my world until I turned fourteen, thanks to a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This condition gifted me with bones as fragile as porcelain, making any type of physical activity a concern. Despite this, my mother’s unwavering love and support eclipsed her fears. She realized that, despite the risks and the countless bones I had broken throughout my life, my happiness and passion deserved to flourish. And so, against all odds, I embarked on an extraordinary equestrian journey that would shape my life forever.

For a decade, I immersed myself in the equestrian world, actively riding in eventing. Yet, my parents, overwhelmed by concerns for my safety, reached a point where they couldn’t bear to witness the potential hardships that could arise. Unfortunately, this meant there were no visual mementos capturing the glory of my riding days. It was in 2006 that a significant fall altered the course of my life, leaving lasting effects that shaped my journey and forced me to take a step back from riding.


Fast forward to 2010, when I tied the knot with my unwavering supporter, Kevin. His parents generously allowed us to transform a section of their old dairy farm into my own little horsey haven. Though it may not be extravagant, it brings my horses practically to our backyard, allowing me to enjoy their presence every day.


As life took an unexpected turn, I found myself reevaluating my path. Two years ago, I rediscovered a deep passion for photography—a newfound outlet since my body can no longer endure the rigors of riding as it once did. With my camera in hand, I embarked on a fresh and captivating chapter of my life, capturing moments that resonate with beauty and emotion.

Through my lens, I aim to freeze time and capture the essence of connections, infusing my photographs with the same passion and dedication that once fueled my equestrian pursuits. From the picturesque landscapes of Upstate NY to the intimate bonds between humans and animals, I'm here to tell stories, evoke emotions, and create timeless memories.

Meet My Fur Kids

Diesel, our 13-year-old yellow lab, is my ultimate companion. He’s been by our side since we got married, bringing unwavering support and endless joy. Saying goodbye to this perfect dog will be incredibly hard, as our veterinarians marvel at his fantastic condition.

Oakley, our 11-year-old black lab, is full of character. Despite the challenges we faced during his puppy stage, he’s become my buddy and Kevin’s best friend. Oakley effortlessly switches between energetic playfulness and blissful napping, always bringing us joy.

Leggz is a remarkable horse with an extraordinary journey. When I met him in a herd of neglected horses, I knew he deserved a better life. Although he lost both his eyes to uveitis, his spirit shines bright. Leggz exemplifies resilience and beauty in the face of adversity.


Fun Facts About Me

I started riding at 14.

My mom bought me my first horse at the age of 15. By the time I turned 18, I was riding training level eventing at a barn in Warrensburg NY.  I never really had a chance to compete, however the idea that I was jumping 3’9” fences blows my mind to this day. 

(See my story as to why)

I own a blind horse named Leggz.

Leggz, my heart horse, (who is featured in my logo) is fully blind. He has no eyes due to uveitis leading to two surgeries, but you would never know with his adaptive, positive and happy go lucky attitude. While it was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make for him, I’m so grateful I made the decision that I did.

 Everyone who meets him is amazed by him and his positive energy.

elephants were my first love before horses.

My sweet grandmother Dorthy is the one responsible for getting me into horses. I was actually petrified of the little pony she took me to meet down the road from her, until she shoved my hand in front of that pony and had it eat a treat out of my hand. 

Shortly after that moment I was going for a pony ride down the road with said pony and from there I was hooked!